Kirkconnel & Kelloholm Decide

Kirkconnel & Kelloholm Decide

This is a Community Choices-funded Participatory Budgeting Project. Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Development Trust has £20k to give away to community projects meeting the criteria of addressing issues identified in the KandK Community Action Plan 2014-19.


BHC Kreative Korner

The Nith United F.C.

Kirkconnel Miners Memorial Centre

MATCH (Men & Their Children) Group

Young Hands Group - Young Parents In Upper Nithsdale

Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society Millhill Path

Hillview Bouncy Castle

Leisure and Sport, Upper Nithsdale: Teen Football

Leisure and Sport Initiative: Over 50s - Nifty @ 50 and Over

Leisure & Sport Actives: Netball Club

Nith Valley Day Centre

Upper Nithsdale Wheels Appeal

Kirkholm Cemetery Enhancements

Miners Movies

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