Economics of Arrival - Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams

Economics of Arrival - Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams

What was the nature of their innovation and how did it contribute to humankind? This bold and optimistic new book, published in January 2019, presents a new frame for thinking about transforming the economy. The concept of "Arrival" means that 'developed' countries should begin 'making themselves at home', focusing on redistribution and long term sustainability over growth. One of the important things is that this model implicitly recognises the positive role for some, good, growth in development contexts. The focus here on developed countries is crucial and the authors provide practical examples and steps to move forward and build a wellbeing economy.


Imperative vision of how "arrival" of developed countries can focus on redistribution and justice while developed countries can have necessary growth.


Grokable "Arrival" idea that makes it easy to see myself (rich 1st world) as abundantly able to help everyone else "arrive" in the same place of safely and wellbeing

powerful data-sharing

A bold shift in the terms of the debate about the future of economic development

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