Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

What was the nature of their innovation and how did it contribute to humankind? Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet


I was a PhD student of Tim Jackson. He has no new thinking and doesn't do original research. He synthesises older work and that's about it.

In the early 2000s Tim pioneered international research into sustainable lifestyles. His book ‘Prosperity Without Growth’ is based on these more than 20 years of extensive and innovative research, bringing together deep interdisciplinary insights and bold vision for a shared and lasting prosperity, in a world of environmental, social and economic limits. An oustanding contribution to the development of new economic thinking.—2

Tim is at the forefront of pioneering sustainability since the late 80s and a very strong candidate. He developed the UK’s first marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) for carbon (later standardised and popularised by McKinsey); following pioneering research into renewable energy in the early 90s, Tim turned to preventive environmental management, leading to the publication of his first book ‘Material Concerns’, pulling together evidence for and prefiguring the concept of the ‘circular economy’—1

Tim Jackson In Prosperity without Growth Tim Jackson updates and deepens the Limits to Growth analysis and connects ecological economics to politics, social change and the ethical challenges of sustainability. In short he reclaims economics and invents sustainable political economy. A lot of fine emerging thinkers owe him a huge debt. For these reasons he should win the NNP.

In PwG, Jackson exemplifies the content and style required from a 21st century economist. In terms of content, Jackson’s work breaks new ground, challenges established thinking and is rooted in rigours empirical evidence. Regarding style, PwG engages and challenges academics, policy makers and the general public. Blending communicative flare with intellectual integrity PwG is the ideal candidate for NNP.

Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity

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