Dr. Toby Lowe (and Colleagues / from Collaborate)

Dr. Toby Lowe (and Colleagues / from Collaborate)

What was the nature of their innovation and how did it contribute to humankind? At a time in our evolution when a book like "Winners Take All" shakes up our perceptions about Philanthropy... Now comes a compassionate and firm voice that contextualizes in a fresh manner the realms of complexity and interconnectivity; that emphasizes the importance of variety, empathy, strengths-based orientations, and designing from trust; and shows the way for how now is the time for each of these to be given our most full attention. This work (published March 2019) is just the beginning of naming "the elephant in the room". Addressing the essential shared principles of Perspective, Power and Participation, this reports hard data, citing leading-edge case studies, is already being embraced by the National Leadership Centre of the UK Government, and will be guiding the upcoming International Symposium of the Civil Service of the G20 slated for later this year (2019). It's time... for public, private and philanthropic resources to embrace a new way of being that is more inclusive and relational, and work more transformationally. How better a way to encourage that wave by giving greater attention to the work of Dr. Toby Lowe and his colleagues by considering them for this recognition and honour?


As a practical example, the Whitman Institute (https://thewhitmaninstitute.org/) - is sunsetting and has already begun the fresh emergence of The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project (https://trustbasedphilanthropy.org/). It is only a matter of time before the narrative spreads and the principles posed by Dr. Toby Lowe and his colleagues, becomes more commonplace.

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