Stef Kuypers for the Sustainable Money System (SuMSy)

Stef Kuypers for the Sustainable Money System (SuMSy)

What was the nature of their innovation and how did it contribute to humankind? Stef brings the monetary system and its influences front and center. The monetary system is something which is hardly looked at, even by economists, and yet it has a tremendous influence on how we behave and how we organise our society at large. It's comparable to the foundations of a beautiful temple: unseen but paramount to the survival of the temple built on it. He found the current system severely lacking and created a new one which he developed further with the people at Happonomy. Currently it's still a theoretical model but simulation games based on it, which compare behaviour between the current and the new system, indicate people become more collaborative, experience less stress and are more focused on common goals. Detailed information can be found at the following links: TEDx talk: White paper: Research paper:


Get in details with the system (read & talk), play the game, gain the insights

Time to change our way of thinking!

Stef made me listen, see and understand. There is an other way ... if we created the system , we can also recreate it

It's time for transformation. Go stef

I can't wait for this economy to become the new reality.

I'm all for implementing this! It will create a fundamentally different incentive system in today's economy. Where today we are incentivised to be greedy and fuck everyone over, the SuMSy can bring up the best in us!

As a behavioral economics scholar, I'm quite interested in the role of money on our choices and behavior. In short, our current debt-based scarcity system, disconnects money with intrinsic value. SumSy is the first model I have encountered which ensures sufficient financial security, drives fair inequality, enables personal growth and promotes meaning and sustainability. On top of that it can co-exist with existing systems, which makes it a feasible model to implement.

Stef made me think different about our monetary system: we can rethink the way we use money and the purpose we want to serve.

This new monetary system encourages people to -co-operate, and this is what we need for today's challenges. I participated in several of the game simulations and it got me thinking... The world will be a better place with SuMSy!

A very bright idea that should be much higher on the agenda

Smart man with bright ideas

Stef understands and explains really well about the monetary system. I am in for his idea of a new kind of currency to bring systemic change.

Great. I've seenStef presents solutionandabsolutely worth exploring further. Yes. Vote for this guy & topic.

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