Remzi Bajrami at, a new economic equation

Remzi Bajrami at, a new economic equation

What was the nature of their innovation and how did it contribute to humankind? If currency is just a digital unit of exchange instead of created as physical and scarce allows for rearranging the economic equation to forever eliminate poverty and also inequality of property and thus power. In addition, if we are to stave off ecological collapse then we must transform the nature of Enterprise and decouple that process from mere profit-making. (original intro released at Sept, 2016). A vision by Remzi & Adelina Bajrami, a father/daughter team.


This is a great foundational economic system that will allow individuals and communities to finally claim control and power over their own personal lives and that of their community. Whatever problem exists in the world this particular equation looks to solve it and/or removes the old barriers preventing people from solving any problem.

he has forgotten that the money side of our social system is balanced and equaled in significance by the items, rights and documents that are traded.

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