Ruth L. Miller

Ruth L. Miller

What was the nature of their innovation and how did it contribute to humankind? A systems scientist and anthropologist, Dr. Miller draws from many cultures to demonstrate that, contrary to most modern economic theories, a healthy economy maintains the ongoing production and distribution of goods and services for the long-term well-being of the community within the natural environment. From this standpoint producing, using, and distributing essential goods starts at the household, the surplus of which may be exchanged for non-essentials and the few essentials that are not available in the local environment. A community of 20-50 households, in this model, would normally be 80-90% self-sufficient, exchanging surpluses with other communities the local region, the larger region, and ultimately the global community, for the additional 10-20%, Using permaculture techniques and community capitalism, while encouraging the talents of individuals, makes a comfortable, healthy life and long-term sustainability normal. Miller’s book, HOME: Choosing Humanity’s Future, provides a simple, detailed explanation with examples.


Dr. Miller proposes and demonstrates a very practical, “on the ground” approach that takes the economy out of just the theoretical and intellectual realm. It has heart as well as mental structure, and lets people engage with and create their lives in empowered ways that contribute to their real, long-term well-being, individually and in the larger community.

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