7 Billion Presidents - Romantic Capitalism

7 Billion Presidents - Romantic Capitalism

A movement that aims to stop climate breakdown while building a healthier, happier and more peaceful society. This by building "The New". This means we build new 'Romantic Capitalistic' companies that are designed to build a society that, instead of creating wealth for the few, builds well-being for all. All profit that would other wise go to shareholders is now spend on installing clean energy. This energy plant serves humanity.


Bottom up, can scale up fast, unites the left and the right, no change in behavior needed, not only fight climate breakdown but also builds a better life for all. The latter means that everybody will join and build a society that creates well-being for all and fight climate change at the same time. 'A old story can only be replaced by a new story.' This can be the new story. People take control over their own lives. They choose to collaborate over competition, choose well-being over wealth.

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