Prof. Dr. Irene van Staveren

Prof. Dr. Irene van Staveren

Irene van Staveren is professor of pluralist development economics at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is a member of the think tank "Sustainable Finance Lab" and on the board of the student initiative "Rethinking Economics NL". In 2015, she published a pluralist economics textbook with Routledge, titled "Economics after the Crisis - an introduction to economics from a pluralist and global perspective" and turned this book into a mooc.


Irene van S.

She is an amazing professor and one of the most intelligent and strong women I have ever met! Her work reflects a genuine voice in the area of pluralist economics!

Irene van Staveren is a strong voice for pluralist economics and truly inspiring to us all! We need more economists like her!

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