Dr Noemi Levy-Orlik, pioneering work on finance& development

Dr Noemi Levy-Orlik, pioneering work on finance& development

Born and raised in Chile around the time of the Pinochet regime, Dr Levy-Orlik emigrated to Mexico at a young age, where she has since pursued a successful academic career. Over the years, her work has challenged the mainstream views of development. She has showed how development strategies of Latin American countries have become dependent on exports, indebtedness, and international capital markets. She has providing groundbreaking and in-depth analyses on how international finance matters for Latin American development, and what successful alternatives for development are. She is not only a prolific author but also an exceptional mentor to her students. She is building bridges between Latin America and Europe by leading a productive academic exchange. I believe that she deserves to win the Not the Nobel prize for her resilience, pioneering insights on international finance & development, and her broader contribution to the academic community and beyond. You can find out more about Dr Levy-Orlik here: (In Spanish) http://www.depfe.unam.mx/levy/ (ResearchGate) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Noemi_Orlik/research


Noemí Levy-Orlik

Challenging the mainstream view of development in Latin America through the lens of international finance; Excellent mentor and leader in knowledge exchange

She is an excellent economist who has challenged the mainstream in an important way, with her writings she has revealed a financial approach that has not been seen much in Latin America. Excellent teacher, researcher and mentor.

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