Radical planting and seeding activities

Radical planting and seeding activities

Without asking for permission or forgiveness, we should put living plants in the ground to heal the soil, sequester carbon and prevent erosion. Radical planting remains one of the most simple and effective acts of constructive resistance available to us in our regular lives.


There are a number of 'brown field' sites around London that are currently disused and neglected. This would be a great positive action for local communities to take on this areas.

If you plant trees on property that isn't yours, and the owner comes and has diesel burning machines rip those trees up again, where are we on net carbon for your efforts, exactly? Plans to plant for carbon sequestration need to be planned by experts on land management, not a bunch of wannabe eco-terrorists.

We should be hiring crop dusting planes in Northern Canada and using them to fly trips over Greenland all summer, spraying native arctic grass seeds like crazy, trying to seed any bit of thawed or burned permafrost, in order to trap N2O leaking out, and help prevent runaway topsoil loss.

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