Brainiac's Digitalized Education System

Brainiac's Digitalized Education System

Brainiac's Digitalized Education System


Great! Is your app available on Playstore or any other platform? If it is, please provide the link. Thanks

Good initiative

App link 👇

Want to hear from great speaker for further improvement and we are working our best for updating our App

What is the penetration of smartphones and computers in Pakistan? Does it reach to rural areas or is it just in the cities? And do you have a good store of texts translated from English and other languages?

Great idea. I'd add in two things: a) worth thinking about how to curate quality (I currently download books of literature and some are great, as good as a hard copy, others are awful - essentially photocopied pages, poor translations, or quick editing which loses the theme; b) within a short period ( a few years) I suspect the content will be easily available (ie there will exist a digital store of material) and the quality of the app/interface will be disproportionately important, so design an

We are making the all the contents in digitalized format and adding it in App because 85% youth is using mobile/ tablets. App is for developing areas where net is accessible. While for rural areas we provide that digitalized contents in a disc or hard drive for which we also charge some of money per subject, per school base. With it we give awareness that how impactful it will be for their students and students will take interest in class, will come on regular base. Education quality will improv

Thanks a lot to all of u and Mr. Chris Todhunter to u also. About penetration and market strategy I discuss in other point. While about the data for converting the content from other language, so we have much more space in server but if contents will maximize with time and the space become low for data then we will purchase extra space in server for data. That's why we are charging little bit for new contents which are in soft forms also disc's making for rural areas to facilitate them too.

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