Rescue Wing Project

Rescue Wing Project

Rescue Wing Project


We cannot sit and watch our young women and children abused in disadvantage. GENDER based on violence is common in our homes but our culture prevents is from exposing people who claim to be elders and openion Leaders. If you are an elderly openion Leader, then be a responsible adult. We must ensure safe homes for our families

Loved the idea.

Gender equality not only helps developing peace but also maintaining a healthy environment for everyone to live in. Love the initiative, best of luck on all the future endeavors!

I loved the idea it's really great.

Wow awesome initiative, I hope to be able to support it!

Great idea. Consolidate the activities to create a strategy for all the interventions. Look also into an economic model like table banking for sustainability of project and beneficiaries as well.

Great thinking

The idea is innovative because it started with young visionary from different backgrounds , young generation who are believing in their power, and the project is using both system online and offline in order to serve the victims who are suffering within the poor communities around the world. When people started to closed their companies , majority of them didn't have the time to think about what will be the outcome from poor communities and especially for women and young girls.

Women and girls are The most vulnerable among the people in risky and poor communities. Wars and natural disasters have Greater tolls on them since they are the weaker vessels. Any projects and programs that takes wholistic care of their socioeconomic needs will have a great impart on society. Rescue wing has just begun that with a well woven program with training for livelihood and social change. Kudos Rescue WING. We should expect a significant global transformation soon. Thumbs up!

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