Researchers', Innovators', and Inventors' Collab. App.

Researchers', Innovators', and Inventors' Collab. App.


The idea does not clearly identify the gap to be filled by the app in an already highly connected world

Important concept that is controversial because of habits of legal IPR protection and the stereotype of 'lone genius'. Maybe a connection to the Creative Commons network would strengthen your concept. - Concept of helping individuals to commercialise innovation by Trevor Bayliss and P2P collaboration by


To build on Chris' comments below....Really good idea, worth doing a little more thinking around the funding so that it can be free to use ie can you use existing platform? how will the tech aspects be supported etc.

Really good that you aim for it to be free. Ideas gain from being aired.

How do you compare with, for instance, Patreon? Are there other apps which innovators use at present? Linked in?

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