Packaging for the Planet

Packaging for the Planet

Packaging for the Planet


A simple but effective idea. Connects people and makes it easier to reduce non sustainable packaging with companies all in one place and gives examples from companies that have already addressed packaging to show others how it can save money and increase footfall.

Brilliant. Needs to reach the poorest people, who feel that sustainability is something for the rich and they do not have the spare time to do something about it. So many places in the world where there is more plastic waster than sand or pebbles on the beaches.

Great idea. I'm currently reading through the various proposals here and, because I've talked to you in more detail previously, I'm struck by how (as I know you're thinking of) you could build this from a small start and incorporate some of the the thinking from other proposals e.g agricultural producers, bottle re-cycling etc. Worth having a read through some of the other ideas as you develop your proposed timeline in more detail and think about where, and how quickly you might want to go.

Of the 12 or so proposals I have had time to review, this is one stands out for its all round originality, contextual relevance and potential to catalyse change at scale and scope. It also validates the collaborative ideation process fostered by this international festival. Having met several of the team members early on in the festival, I’m especially impressed with the evident investment they have made in ‘making the right thing’, and wish them (and the planet) all the best in ‘making the thi

A well rounded and purposeful proposal - the scalability of impact in terms of promoting behavioral change, practical solutions to waste management and social integrations with job opportunities across the value chain it's well poised. It also highlights the business case for eradicating package waste and hopefully drive innovative solutions for this sector.

Such an important idea. Thank you. For years I have been asking why, after half a century, the finance industries are still failing to see the economic / business benefits of returnable / reuseable / biodegradeable packaging and a circular economy. Maybe try talking to enlightened politicians / banks / accountants to find out why we only audit benefits/weaknesses (i.e. profits) at point of sale and not across society.




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