Spot On!

Spot On!

The menstruation is always a taboo for the society. The best thing is being a boy you are raising awareness around it that's why a huge appraisal for you. WASH is something which need of the time and the whole world need this.Great work Ankit keep it up!!!



This was a one of initiative we take for the betterment of our respective and beloved society. As a team we try to reach to more people. Thank you @ankit, @divya, @anshika for making this project sustainable and reachable to everyone. As we all see that this project will help to prevent the taboo in our society and spread the awareness for the same. Kudos to team!

Here we are discussing on the ideas to restore world's economy, though it is an important part and should be addressed but it will not have visible impact on the economy. We can educate the rural women with the basics of economics and pave for them ways where they can contribute towards the progress of their family and eventually country/world. Good Effort though, Keep it Up champ!

Hello Everyone....Samajik Samanta ko banaye rakhne k liye hame Mahilaon k Health, Education, aur Unke iss issue ko hame khul k respect karni chahiye taaki wo apne iss critical condition ko achhe tarah se bita sake.... Jaise jaise hm human society growth kar raha hai hme sabhi women's ko respect k sath sath unhe social equality bhi dena hai hame. Unke development k liye Unke Education ko badhawa dena chahiye, Unhe Employment dena chahiye, unke sath sb work may equality k sath chance dena chahiye.

Considering current CoVID-19 scenario and this chronic socio-economical issue pertaining to Period Crisis in India, I feel this project has not been as crucial and important as it is now. Much needed!

I subscribe to the thoughts, urgency and importance of this project as mentioned because hailing from a tribal village myself, I know what exactly is the scenario related to periods and health is here.

Looking at post corona period, I feel this domain needs to be urgently looked at. Times when washing hands and maintaining a proper hygiene is so important to break the chain, I feel this project has touched the points involving communities, people and resources that are very much needed.

Project has the important components of community engagement, social and economic incentive to push for this project and the scale of impact.

Great work 👍

Definitely, such initiatives are needed.

I liked the proposal specificity. Its to the point and well defined.

Being a girl, I know and realize the importance this project as in India periods are considered to be impure and a big big taboo, so it's the need of the hour to spread awareness and make people understand that it is natural and pure. And this project can be a wonderful way to help in the same. Much respect!

Loved the point and fact that this project has an amalgamation of social, environmental and economic component to it. Would be great to see this project get selected.

Highly needed project in such sensitive domains of rural India.

It would be nice to see how this project leverages the livelihood aspect in solving this problem.

I dont know why some people (girls) here feel this doesn't suit the challenge here. I personally feel period which unlike any other thing wasn't on hold or lockdown and women and girls concerning it have been greatly affected both in terms of materials availability and myths associated with this biological process.

This project as one of the pitch for the "Building Back Better" after CoVID-19 times is one of the most crucial, sensitive and ignored domains that you're focusing (also reflected by few comments here which says it aint a shot for this challenge). More power to you Sir.

Great Work Ankit....All The Best For your this Great Work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻....10/10.🙂🙂🙂

Menstruation and discussions around the same is considered a big taboo in India, especially in rural and tribal area. Unlike developed countries, I feel this project needs to be put in focus and mainstream for initiating a discussion and grassroots work in domain long neglected in countries like India.

As a women and a resident of the country here, I have been lon witnessing this problem in India. Things like awareness, resources and facilitate as mentioned needs to be specifically worked on and targeted. Wonderful project it is and in much needed time.

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