Spot On!

Spot On!

The menstruation is always a taboo for the society. The best thing is being a boy you are raising awareness around it that's why a huge appraisal for you. WASH is something which need of the time and the whole world need this.Great work Ankit keep it up!!!


Project has the important components of community engagement, social and economic incentive to push for this project and the scale of impact.

Looking at post corona period, I feel this domain needs to be urgently looked at. Times when washing hands and maintaining a proper hygiene is so important to break the chain, I feel this project has touched the points involving communities, people and resources that are very much needed.

Considering current CoVID-19 scenario and this chronic socio-economical issue pertaining to Period Crisis in India, I feel this project has not been as crucial and important as it is now. Much needed!

Here we are discussing on the ideas to restore world's economy, though it is an important part and should be addressed but it will not have visible impact on the economy. We can educate the rural women with the basics of economics and pave for them ways where they can contribute towards the progress of their family and eventually country/world. Good Effort though, Keep it Up champ!


This was a one of initiative we take for the betterment of our respective and beloved society. As a team we try to reach to more people. Thank you @ankit, @divya, @anshika for making this project sustainable and reachable to everyone. As we all see that this project will help to prevent the taboo in our society and spread the awareness for the same. Kudos to team!

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