Time To Change Healthcare System

Time To Change Healthcare System

Time To Change Healthcare System


A few years ago, Mark Britnell looked at healthcare systems across the world. Inevitably, some have better systems and outcomes than others; equally inevitably, there is no one 'Top Healthcare System' - some places are better at funding, others at hospitals, others at primary or community care. This page will lead you into the work and various videos, summaries in greater or lesser degrees of detail: https://home.kpmg/xx/en/home/insights/2015/09/in-search-perfect-health-system.html

Good. You need a multidisciplinary team to act as a lobby group and lobby the Gov. You need to show that good healthcare is possible and affordable. There are many many aspects to this. Can you look for like minded people?

An important idea. But how can we see care systems as more than monetary overheads + science? Arguably, de-forestation, hi-speed global travel+ bad diet + pollution caused the pandemic. Maybe consider working with others to rethink 'wellbeing' (& the purpose of life)? The (late) David Graeber asked "what if we defined ‘the economy’ as ‘the way we take care of one another’?”...then invited us all to come up with appropriate indicators. A good challenge :-)

It is not clear how the project intends to deal with such a complex issue (access to medicines, lower prices of medicines, better healthcare etc.), and how this relate to India traditional medicines practices.

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