Pemaculture farming in Malawi

Pemaculture farming in Malawi

Pemaculture farming in Malawi


I understand that South Africa is moving in this direction at the present. I expect international ties will be very useful to you if you can make the contacts.

Unique. Hope this project will take Malawi a step closer to sustainable agriculture.

You are helping the world, not just the people of Malawi. Do you have any PR experts and/or journalists who might bring your efforts to the attention of more influential people? 'Short Circuit' by Richard Douthwaite was written for Ireland, but shows how local (circular?) food production systems can partly replace financial currencies.

The idea is doable at a very small scale especially for a start. Mobilize youth to accept agriculture and use spaces available to start. Pemaculture uses very little space and sometimes even things like containers and vertical bags where there is no land. Your challenge is to gather knowledge on how to do it, teach others and create a value chain to address the economic part

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