innovators: mental health support

innovators: mental health support

innovators: mental health support


we are here to provide quality help to our clients and mental health issues are not only treated with with medicines some needs to be treated with understanding the needs of a person or talking to them so that they could get the feeling that someone is here to listen to them and help them. This is the main goal of INNOVATORS. further for the assistance and convenience of our clients we will provide them prescribed medicines also so that they can get easily what they need.

it might be a longstanding problem no doubt, but what we are doing as an individual? have we ever thought of helping these people? No, we just show sympathy towards them we never stepped forward to help them out, unfortunately. still, I am here to contribute a little to help them. I know I cant solve mental health issues in one day nor I can do it alone. that is why I am here to seek support from experts like you so that I could learn more and grow this project.

Telemedicine has advanced a lot, and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to several projects. Some observational studies are already going on (you could check the ICRT site from WHO with the list of all clinical trials related to COVID-19). But there is still doubts on the best approach or combination of approaches using telemedicine, especially in poor settings.

Mental illnesses have been a big health public problem even prior to COVID-19. However, social distancing and other necessary measures have turned this more overwhelming. So alternative approaches are needed, since it is likely for the world to be facing COVID-19 in the short term, even with a vaccine or reliable treatment. Mental health problems will be longstanding unfortunately.

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