SART:Global E-community platform offer different services

SART:Global E-community platform offer different services

SART:Global E-community platform offer different services


Ideas are too widespread across many unrelated sectors. You either look for a link or streamline to a number that are closely related to leverage on resources, knowledge, target population etc

Good point,i think you need to focus more about education because it's sensitive part in which i prefere to offer in free courses and good quality of education that's will be better and diverse the pandemic

I like the vision - but it's very big. Worth breaking it into the smaller areas (as you've done in the proposal) and thinking about which you'd want to do first, second, third etc and, then how you'd go about it. If you've not done it already, drawing up a simple timeline on a piece of paper so you can see them all side by side would be an easy way into this.

It's big project if it work that's gonna be a major success, you need to figure out how to work on it because i think i have an idea about how you will realise it but you still need to work on data's thats may help you a lot

I am confused about what the goal of your project is since websites like these already exist individually. If I am seeking jobs, I would go to a website like LinkedIn that specialises in that particular field, rather than a place where I get all types of services. Your project looks too ideal rather than practical but I would like to see the presentation. Good luck!

I do agree with what had been said previously but i think what's matter is food section because during the pandemic or even after this option will be availible that's what i did liked about your project as i said food first because we can't die from lack of education 🎓but lack of hunger will sure do,i do ecourage you to keep up and search for options that improve this part and good job

The concept is great, relevant and achievable

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