Project "BookLance"

Project "BookLance"

Project "BookLance"


Interesting idea. You've made me realise that up to the age of 18, I largely did this; from 18 onwards, I bought books myself & then either kept them or passed them to a second hand shop to sell. I've never before challenged that thinking. Worth working this up in more detail in the context of both physical books and on-line materials in the future - and also doing a bit of sideways thinking, for example, thirty years everyone owned their music physically/watched it live, any lessons to learn?

Thank you sir. @Mike Wistow for your sincere opinion. I have prepared a preliminary model of my idea and obviously I want it to be upgraded through time. About the example of music, I guess we all will agree that the excitement,waiting for a new music album has also departed with time. Books might follow the same path,but if we want to wait for that long,we might not be able to take steps then. Acting to what the situation is now and change through time is possibly the better option i guess.

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Like a lending library; Perhaps.

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