Community Led Actions For Climate Change Zimbabwe

Community Led Actions For Climate Change Zimbabwe


Have a look at Raymond Auerbach

A well targeted idea for addressing the key areas and especially touching on situation during the pandemic. Give highlights on water harvesting, seed banks, food preservation and marketing

Such an important quest. Have you looked at Alan Savoury's work, or the Permaculture methods that derived from indigenous, arid regions?

Looking at the current socio economic situation in our country , this project will address the challenges that are faced day in day out by our people especially in rural areas were Agriculture is the main source of living.

This project speaks to something that is hardly talked about, it is essential.

Prolific discourse and very congruent with the Zimbabwean realities in the wake of the Covid of 2019. The synopsis of this paper can churn out a panacea for Zimbabwe's perennial problems that keeping intertwining and dovetailing with the socio-political landscape.

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