BaNi (Bantu petaNi / Help Farmers)

BaNi (Bantu petaNi / Help Farmers)

BaNi (Bantu petaNi / Help Farmers)


Let's help BaNi by y'all community to points our proposal! what's the positive and negative! let's go!

Good to have tech involved!

There are some interesting articles on Agricultural/Producer Co-operatives that might give you some ideas ie whether you agree or disagree they should prompt some thinking e.g. or or Some are more easily readable than others - but probably worth a flick through at the topic as part of refining your ideas?

I’m excited by the potential of this proposal to align the purpose and interests of farmers and communities around sustainable agri-food practices and in so doing make the region’s economy more resilient. Ensuring that it realises this potential may require further development or innovation in the underlying the business propositions and governance structures.

Taking local responsibility for producing food, educating and investing. Cyclic. Nice!

The infrastructure of knowledge building, social connection, governance etc needed means you need lots of people with a strong commitment and drive. Good luck!

This is so important. It needs to be aa large and growing movement. If enough people get a hold on it and it is reproducible it could change nations. Needs to be done at scale.

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