Waterclix- A wastewater surveillance project

Waterclix- A wastewater surveillance project


Wastewater, clean water are very important for good health, and therefore, for social and economic development. There is no doubt about this. And accessible and easily to adopt technologies are needed, despite some improvements that have been around in the last decade.

It is not clear which strategy or strategies will be advanced. Many options were indicated, but it is missing a prioritization effort. Also, the impact expected and how to measure, analyze, and correct actions along the project are not clear. Maybe choosing one or two, as a jump start is better. Education is important, but if communities lack the technologies to address the problem, they are not enough. Starting with a dialogue with the community so people identify their problem and solutions.

@Beatriz de Castro Fialho thank you so much for the feedback. it is very valuable and constructive.l will work on narrowing done my aims and orderly present the proposal as highlighted. thank you :)

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