ReconnAction through Transparency

ReconnAction through Transparency

ReconnAction through Transparency


Strong idea. What help are you receiving? Do you have a team yet? I'd like to support if I can.

Certainly consumers can make a difference if en masses they decide not to buy something for ethical reasons. How would you persuade big companies to to buy in to this idea as it will cost them money to pay higher wages and have environmentally sustainable methods.How would you collect valid, reliable and comparable data?

To make your idea concrete can you hone down your pitch to three succinct points how that information would be gathered?

Hi Nina, Really liked your idea as a simple yet impactful way of educating the buyer and making big companies accountable. What came to mind was a RAG system based on several key issues - water usage, fair pay of workers etc. Good luck, scores on simplicity and potential impact

Absolutely brilliant concept that could transform the supply chain and provide just accountability for businesses.

You are onto some very important issues and I really think you would benefit by working with other types of expert. If unit based money debases qualities by converting it into quantities we need to get a better grip on the whole process. You may know of Hacktivist approaches, such as Otto von Busch, who developed local, amateur fashion groups that produce local value/s as fun, reduced price garments, local pride, etc. A friendly expert in finance might also be useful?

I think this is really interesting - but will need a fair bit of work a) to get producers and sellers onside (though a big consumer campaign might do it) and b) to get meaningful figures for resources e.g. water use somehow an accountant will need to break down the figures and apportion them and that will no doubt generate a huge amount of discussion. Which is what makes this really interesting - both as a good idea and in terms of generating that huge amount of discussion.

How would you plan to engage big companies to see that this is in their interest as well? Corporate Social Responsibility etc

Needs a lot more detail about how it would operate. Information in and publicity out. And how would it be funded? Charitable trusts? If so it would need to be done at scale. How do you get to scale up?

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