Influencing the creation of intersex policies in Zambia.

Influencing the creation of intersex policies in Zambia.


A difficult topic in Zambia for reasons of religion and prejudice. Yes - we should skill those who are forgotten or excluded. But maybe pitching the economic benefits may cut through prejudice? Evidence-based studies show that neurally diverse teams and basic (binary) gender differences work better. If you can persuade business - then governments/society may begin to value sexual difference. A diversity-of-diversities.

I think you would be better positioned as a provider of craft training in the general population. Incidentally this would do more good to intersex people if they happen to have their own network within it. Beating sexual prejudice in Africa has a very very long way to go and it needs to be approached subtly if it is to be effective. This is the same with any cultural change. It is not going to happen overnight.

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