" Lets do it " live simulation for education in Bangladesh

" Lets do it " live simulation for education in Bangladesh

it will help more than 12 million students if it is in Bangla


Superb Love it

chala Chal Idea. Bon Chale yater ugu

Bohut Khub

Accha idea hhhein lein korna chaiye bohut jald <3

Great Idea. NASA can help you. Bravo go ahead boy.

Marvelous with extraordinary idea. Yes PHET is love to help you.

<3 Blessings and love for the idea

nice project idea indeed

Best of Luck

LallLata Vira Moni Yakbisani ait. good Luck

Good Job

Live simulation for the unprivileged students and children's. wow . Nice example of work of idea.

Nice endorsement

50 will be less amount try more than 50 simulation. Btw nice project idea.


sehr sehr schöne Idee

We want this in Papua Niegini. How Can I contact with you. It will help more African students also .If you can manage the coding in our language we are happy to help.

Bohut Acha Idea hain . Khuda tumhara kheyal rakhe

Nice idea we will try it in Germany

Massive plan and ideas . Need proper funding I think.

Wala Nice idea and good luck

Uhu nice idea best of the best

Its great idea for unprivileged youths

Love the Idea mr. Arun Kanti Howlader

nice explanation . its like robin hood to me

Excellent topic and idea .

World need this kind of project for education.

Lets do it. Yahoo

Nice simulation idea it will facilitate all the student over the world.

My beloved friends it is highly appreciable project I believe but cant vote for the project may be have some difficulties I am facing .

Good Idea for students I believe

Full of enthusiasm

不错,很好的主意。 如果您可以实施,那么一切都会为您提供支持。

Nice project idea . Best of the best

Go on with our work . We are proud of you A.K.


வாழ்த்துக்கள் என் சகோதரர்

Its a magnificent idea

Very warm welcome from me. I am just astonished by your impressive idea. Good Very good . This kind of initiatives need nice sponsorship.

Tremendous good idea

Good this is a very interesting idea

Nice idea btw

Its well decorate project idea I believe Well done A.K.

Good luck for the great idea of the millennium . Best luck for the final

Best of luck and we want to make an MOU with you

Bless the idea . It will help more students I guess

Best idea ever

Walla Walla Nice project . Can we buy it ?

International standard project need proper funding I guess

Really a lovely project idea

Har jeg brug for ordentligt sponsorat

Great Idea . Lets do it Arun. :P The idea is superb and I think it will create a grate impact in Bangladesh.

The idea is full of energy and creativity

it will help more than 12 million students if it is in Bangla

I'd be happy to see some more points that explains the necessity, usability and sustainability of the project.

Thousand applauds for the project man .

I vote for this project

மிக நல்ல யோசனை

For mathematics and physics students it will touch million brain and hearts . Go ahead we support the project .

What A wonderful idea Sir

This idea overloaded with very intense idea

Ground breaking I guess . Best idea ever seen.

Bom pensamento e imaginação

Meget god projektidé

Good luck brother for your wonderful project

Impressive that you thought of this, Getting practical knowledge will help the youths to be creative and think out of the box.

I vote for this project


Nice idea hero

Love the project idea

Fond of the idea and interested to help the idea

Oh my God. Thats a wonderful idea

Love the project idea any help needed please contact us [email protected]

Best dynamic idea better than others

Couldnt love react the project . Its a very good project . It needs more love react I guess.

This portal will be absolutely marvelous

My beloved friend its a very nice idea and there are plenty of points that sustain its impact

Best idea among others

Its an intellectual chaos

Best of luck for the idea

I vote for the project I believe it will help the students of South Asia

Very Good Ideaa

Virtual learning system. Pretty nice idea

Live simulation is the new era of education system.......................................................

Marvelous idea and initiative.

Limitless opportunity might get the children I hope.

Nice study platform I hope it will work pretty generously

Better ideas than others

Bravo. May god give the project best award

"Lets do it" nice name btw. Very good and honest idea . It will help others.

Greetings from India. I believe like my children and me who speaks in Bengali it will be a great platform for all Bengali speakers around the world. I believe the 7th largest spoken language Bangla needs this kind of simulation for their future generation that will apprehend not only their cognitive and analytical skills also will break the age limit education system. Bangla is the well recognized language of United Nations and we got recolonization for our movement for our mother tongue from UN

Its amazingly unprecedented thought that identifies the issue alongside an astonishing and handy arrangement. That will cut the tree cutting rate for causing paper for utilizing in assessment I to accept. Additionally it will assist the group of people yet to come with getting similar training the world over without no limits. The period of advanced innovation is basic marvelous and its about there hanging tight for your assistance and welcome. Good job Arun we are with you. :) :) :)

Nice idea about using simulation for learning . I thing its the future of education. It needs proper funding and nourishment .

The aim of the project is splendid and honest thinking for the young generation of Bangladesh

The idea is future based and best of the best

Nice thinking and great effort

Nice Idea Btw

Nice evolution of education basis idea

Best of the best project idea ever

Ideia muito impressionante

The idea holds the positiveness like educating young brain who will take greater future.

Its a very very good project that needs proper funding and monitoring

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