" Lets do it " live simulation for education in Bangladesh

" Lets do it " live simulation for education in Bangladesh

it will help more than 12 million students if it is in Bangla


Wala Nice idea and good luck

Uhu nice idea best of the best

Its great idea for unprivileged youths

Love the Idea mr. Arun Kanti Howlader

nice explanation . its like robin hood to me

Excellent topic and idea .

World need this kind of project for education.

Lets do it. Yahoo

Nice simulation idea it will facilitate all the student over the world.

My beloved friends it is highly appreciable project I believe but cant vote for the project may be have some difficulties I am facing .

Good Idea for students I believe

Full of enthusiasm

不错,很好的主意。 如果您可以实施,那么一切都会为您提供支持。

Nice project idea . Best of the best

Go on with our work . We are proud of you A.K.


வாழ்த்துக்கள் என் சகோதரர்

Its a magnificent idea

Very warm welcome from me. I am just astonished by your impressive idea. Good Very good . This kind of initiatives need nice sponsorship.

Tremendous good idea

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