Community Centers for Equity!

Community Centers for Equity!

Community Centers for Equity!


You are going to need a team of people to set this up and the permission of the land owners, but that shouldn't put you off. This idea is not new but very worthwhile and you would benefit by linking up with similar communities around the world and share ideas and ask questions to help you set up your centre. One such similar project is based in the city of Bristol in the UK. Your project will also help with the wellbeing of people.

You sure need a team and a solid plan to bring together the existing aspects and tie in with the new ideas. For example, how can you plug into the factory to create a farmers' market for the produce? Then the farmers/marketers pay a fee that will be used to build the community center? Also look into creating a savings/loaning system for the cooperative that will be used for economic sustainability of the center and youth-check how this works in US

A very viable and timely idea bringing in multiple perspectives

This is a lovely initiative. In England we call such things allotment associations. The allotments are usually held by the local councils and they have thriving social networks who share knowledge advice and produce. Have you integrated black white and latino somehow?

Looks interesting. There are some videos here which might be worth a look as you work towards a more detailed plan, not least the one that links to the wider idea of creating a social/community setting through integrating with housing build:

I love this. It builds on existing 'steam' and promotes the true meaning of 'community'

Will definitely need a team to get idea up and kicking.

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