MSc Economics, SOAS University of London

MSc Economics, SOAS University of London


All lecturers were incredibly helpful, always willing to discuss essay proposals and other questions in the course. Additionally, ample support is available if looking to pursue further study from academic advisors and a number of workshops organised by SOAS.

The course and modules are heavy on theory however the course offers ample opportunities to explore contemporary economic modelling with the advanced macroeconomics course including work with new-Keynesian and post-Keynesian (Stock flow consistent) models, with clear guidelines on how to build these models in the r programming language.

Having been interested in primarily heterodox economics, I found the way mainstream and heterodox theories were taught very constructive. Integrating the teaching of both mainstream and heterodox theories, while providing historical context, deepened my understanding of the theories and allowed me to make well grounded critical assessments.

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