University of Greenwich MSc programme in Economics

University of Greenwich MSc programme in Economics


I studied an MSc Economics and now a PhD in Economics here. The department specialises in Post-Keynesian economics. It is a friendly, cohesive and academically rigorous department. Alongside the MSc I was able to work as a research assistant and got a paper published from my MSc thesis. We currently have self-organised reading groups to study advanced economics for interested students. In general, it is a great place to study, in a beautiful part of London.

I came to do my MSc Economics in September 2018 with high expectations. My expectations were exceeded. I learned so much about heterodox economics. Pluralism is embedded in all courses. I particularly enjoyed the micro and macro courses and Alberto is a fantastic course leader. Apart from the lessons, there are great opportunities to work as research assistant, a vibrant Rethinking Economics network and an incredibly valuable network of PhD students and young researchers.

I joined the Msc Economics in Greenwich in 2020 because I wanted to study quantitative methods and heterodox thinking. Both points became true. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and approachable, which allows asking questions and moving along in your academic journey—also complemented by many opportunities to work as a research assistant. I am satisfied with the course, even in pandemic times.

I joined Greenwich back in 2016 for my BSc in Economics. Being a novice to pluralistic economics, I was deeply impressed by the focus on Post-Keynesian, Marxist and Institutional theories. After graduating, I found no better place to continue my studies and without missing out on the theoretical debates and the excellent teaching and research opportunities I was accustomed to. The MSc programme exceeded my expectations in terms of rigorousness for pluralism, networking and staff approachability

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