MSc Leadership for Sustainable Development

MSc Leadership for Sustainable Development


The introduction to sustainable development and leadership in the first semester was a really interesting learning experience but the opportunity to really put it into practice during the placements is the best part! The placements mean you can really focus on what interests you the most and get first hand experience while doing a Masters. The course provided so much support for finding a placement and a loads of interesting opportunities within N. Ireland and abroad.

The course has helped me to challenge what I know about traditional economic theory and growth models. It also taught me about alternative theories such as ecological economics, doughnut economics and post-scarcity economics. There was emphasis on how these models interact with the environment which has helped me to frame problems I have encountered working on placement in Agri-food policy. Overall this was a great introduction to sustainable development.

Prior to commencing the course I had limited knowledge on economic and how economics tied in to sustainable development. The modules in the first half of the year really helped to develop my understanding of economic theories and how the interact with environmental and social issues. Putting the learnt theory in to practice during placement with a local business was possibly the best practice for learning as I now fully understand the role economics plays in sustainable development of businesses

The modules in the first half of the course broadened my knowledge of sustainable development. Particularly the economics modules coming from a business background it was very interesting to see how they all interconnected. The placements in the latter part of the course are a fantastic way to get the experience in an area/career that you see yourself working in. The course brought together likeminded individuals for great discussions and a hope for a more sustainable future.

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