M.A. Global Political Economy and Development (Uni Kassel)

M.A. Global Political Economy and Development (Uni Kassel)


Deinitely a unique master programme given its very inter-disciplinary character and broad array of topics and issues tackled during the curriculum. What's more, the international environment of studying enriches your understanding of global politics/economics/society beyond the mere academic sphere! However, one note to those primarily interested in heterodox economics - this program is a 50/50 mixture of "politics" and "econonmics", although these two spheres are of course interwoven.

Great Master with pluralist economic perspectives on globalization, trade, agriculture, gender, financial markets and many other topics which allows you to choose between qualitative and quantitative research skills in a very international environment! 😊

This master has the potential to be a changing life experience. The lecturers, the diverse readings, and the multicultural group of students and approaches ensure pluralism in understanding the current challenges in the Global Political Economy (GPE). Methods and theories are intertwined to provide a better explanation of socio-economic situations. Coming from the global South, you can also make a transparent dialogue with different GPE and development understandings.

It is a great Master Program that above all it stimulates you curiosity and gives you tools to dive deeper. The program is so diverse and the background of the international students is like a primary source of "development" itself:) After accomplishing this program one might set up some standards (professionally/personally) that some of us might find difficult to apply in our home country but after all that's the challenge of development itself - I highly recommend the program!

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