HWR Berlin, M.A. Political Economy of European Integration

HWR Berlin, M.A. Political Economy of European Integration

very international group of students with a very diverse background


I highly recommend this program. The professors and teaching staff are very supportive, and encourage critical thinking. I also learned a lot from the other students, and I appreciate that I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from around the world. I also benefitted from opportunities outside of class - there were various events on campus that allowed me to learn from other members of the community. These events have contributed greatly to my experience as a student.

POLEI was a great choice! The group was very international with students from all over the world. The teachers are excellent, very supportive, and dedicated. In each class, we had the opportunity to discuss the papers that we previously read, and had great debates with lots of divergences of view and controversy. Topics are up-to-date and relevant. Moreover, this program stands out for the teaching of the pluralism of the economy. The university campus is beautiful and I loved living in Berlin

very international group of students with a very diverse background

I graduated from PolEi in 2015. I would say this master programme was a turning point in my career. If you would like to widen your horizon on economic and social policies and would like to connect with students from diverse backgrounds, this programme is just for you. On top of the academic knowledge on the field, the courses and all the assignments helped me to gain critical thinking, improve my writing and presentation skills. Highly recommended!

The PolEI programme is highly recommendable for students seeking a comprehensive approach on EU policy-making which brings together various dimensions of European integration. It benefits from an extremely international student body that facilitates a broad exchange of opinions and perspectives.

Clare Hollins

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