HTW Berlin, International and Development Economics (MA)

HTW Berlin, International and Development Economics (MA)


MIDE is a unique program for its blended approach of incorporating the mainstream and unorthodox economic theories and development policies. During my studies, I have learned tremendously from the case studies, group presentations, and excursions. In a nutshell, I would describe MIDE as an eye-opener to the complex world that cannot be understood merely with the mainstream economic theories and development policies.

This programme allowed me to develop a solid theoretical economic foundation and combine it with real world socio-economic case studies, particularly in developing countries. Students are also exposed to a multicultural environment where different views and experiences lead to an interesting debate in class. Another of the strengths of this programme are the group presentations, which help students to develop social skills that will later be valued at the workplace.

An outstandingly well-balanced program comprising a strong base in Economics and a Sustainable Development component that prepares students for real world challenges in a variety of fields including government, banking, NGOs and multinational firms.

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