Pension for political service

Pension for political service

I propose that no politician be entitled to a pension above the normal standard rate of any lower paid public servant. That any extra pension above such that they be responsible for themselves out of their own pocket.As we have seen in the past that for some reason the political pensions are far beyond and above amounts for actual time served to normal public service employees.


I was referring to pay rather than pensions btw. Certainly pension age should be the same for politicians as their employers!!!

This is the sort of stuff that attracts accusations of populist ideas. Yeah pay them the minimum wage blah blah. I think we have far too many TD's, but if we are to have people running the country instead of coming up with ways to steal from the taxpayer, while squandering vast amounts of our money, we should pay them well. As I have pointed out in another idea, it is when they cease to serve the people, or are found to be corrupt, that we need to have swift, definitive and punitive action.

A person with the normal service in the public sector will not retire on a pension of the amounts ministers and Politicians retire on for a few years service,. Not even after 40 years of service.The private sector if you wish to boost your retirement fund you have to pay for it yourself. Their should be a limit on public sector pension for all public sector workers that includeds government and all and any benefits that come with doing so should apply such as tax relief.

The rot must be removed from the top down.theres a old saying that the mafia wouldnt enter this country because we were to corrupt.this was never so folks its time to put the gangsters who claim to reprentsent the ordinary citizen when clearly they dont.enough is enough.lets put things right.our time is near.

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