Scrap Payments for sitting on a public accounts committee

Scrap Payments for sitting on a public accounts committee

Should such payments be abolished Politicians receive extra payments for been on public account committees. Why is this so when it is part of their job to represent the public interest? If they were not serving the public on such committees then what would they be doing. Is it not a fact that this is actually part of their job? How much is paid over one year for such service and is that service not part of their pay already. or is it time that a Politicians pay has a duty structure to it.


Anyone who has a job gets paid. Within that is a structure of what one is been paid for. A Plumber will have duties to carry out for his or her pay. But what duties are politicians pay based on. It cannot simply be for been a politician. There has to be duties as a public servant Such duties as sitting on any committee is part of the job. If they are not on such what duties are they carrying out while they are not on such committees. Why is it that extra payments are given for such

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