Direct Democracy is the Next Step for Ireland & Europe

Direct Democracy is the Next Step for Ireland & Europe

Direct Democracy or Citizens Initiated Referendum preserves and protects the Citizens Sovereign Power to initiate, remove or change legislation created by the elected politicians in Government.


SENIOR POLICE OFFICERS; We, the people implore you to stand up and do your duty. Your duty is to protect the population against crime, to be neutral in politics and void of corruption. You are failing in all three, 1. Protection of the people, 11000 deaths directly due to political directives by the DWP and ATOS and not one arrest. 2. Politicians along with multi national companies such as g4s are replacing policemen with private company employees and the law into legislation, WITHOUT POLIC

Direct Democracy was in the first Irish Free State Constitution. The founding fathers and the framers of that first constitution put Citizens Initiated Referendum or Direct Democracy in the Constitution as an instrument to protect the Sovereign Irish People from Political Corruption and outside foreign influences. With this power the Irish people would have had push back on any of the unpopular laws created by all of the governments since the founding of the State.

We have all complained about the lies fed to us in the last GE by our current government but yet only a sml few of us have stood up to be counted in our criticism of them. The people have lost the will to fight because our system of democracy gives d people no power to call the government up on their lies. I want to see a Direct Democratic Ireland and give us all as citizens to real democratic right to say Yes or No to what our government representatives do on OUR behalf. Vote for real democracy

I will vote yesto direct democracy, so that the next time a politician blatantly lies just to get elected to feather there own nest like the majority in leinster house. That there may be a process that the people of Ireland can utilise to make such traitors accountable for there actions to the very people who gave them the opportunity to serve the best interests of our country and her citizens. Not the best interests of big casino financial markets or the interests of other country's politics.

people to need to solve the problems of the country and get involved into making it better for all the people

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