Opinion polls

Opinion polls

When will the mainstream media actually break down the figures of those who express an opinion for voting for Independents? At the moment, there only seem to be 5 political parties in Ireland according to most opinion polls. All those who don't express and opinion for the mainstream parties are lumped into the independent category. I suggest that an opinion poll is done to ascertain these independent views and their parties or otherwise candidates.


We always get the figures for the 4 main parties but none for the last category namely independents. It would be interesting to see just what it is about these independents that people would vote for. is it their policies, their name, their records in public life or is it just failed politicians from mainstream parties trying to fool the electorate.

The mainstream media is fundamentally lazy. So its just to easy to lump everyone together as independents or what ever term is popular on the day.The polls them self. One has to wonder who they poll.I have never been asked don't know anyone who has been. in one way I fully agree with what you say and in another I think give them a reason to come looking for you. You got an issue about something a minister says let it be known. Sometimes you have to play the game so play it better than the rest.

This is true. They need to stop lumping the smaller and newer parties in with the Independents. If they would actually list parties like Direct Democracy Ireland and People before Profit than we could monitor their gains or losses at the next poll. But to lump their numbers with te Independents really does not give a clear picture of what is really happening.

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