Choose the Speakers

Choose the Speakers

This allows participants in the Festival to propose and vote on speakers to present on the main stage. We will then invite them to speak later in the Festival. Those who nominate speakers that present will get to ask the first question 'on stage' with the speaker.


Land degradation neutrality: The science-policy interface

Rehan AllahWala

William Hynes, Head, NAEC at OECD


Maria Antonieta Solorzano

Dra. Maria Consuelo Cardenas de Santamaria

Lawrence Chong (EoC)

Maria Isabel Velasco

AYESHA MEHMOOD (Social Activist)

Extended View of a Bio-Psycho-Socio-Eco-Cultural Model

Andrew Gaines

Anamaria Aristizabal-Londono

Ankit Tripathi ( From a Student to Social Entrepreneur)

Kate Raworth

Sagar Mazumder- Bangladesh


Ed Miliband

Healing the Roots of Unrest by Healing Collective Trauma

Richard Murphy

Ha-Joon Chang

Anchor organisations and Community Wealth Building

Gender Equality &How Covid Effected Women

Thomas Piketty

Addressing the economic waste of military spending

Dr. Ida Telalbasic

Enterpreneur, Thinker, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist


Prof Steve Keen

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