Kingston Ward

Kingston Ward

What would your community do with a share of £40,000? This is your chance to create, discuss and vote for ideas and projects that will make a difference in your community.


Find ways to improve safety at the cross near A27 & bus stop

Fix roads and pavements in Kingston

Traffic Calming Measures

Exploration of opportunities to generate & save energy.

Recycling to be mixed and sorted at central point.

Green Waste Facility or Collection Service in Kingston

To repair or replace the Bus Shelter adjacent to School.

Outdoor Awning for Pre-School

A new community notice board for Rodmell

Finance Campaign to get Superfast Broadband to Kingston

Extension to Egrets Way Cycle Path

Advertising campaign encourage villagers to walk not drive

Trim Track

More provision of sporting activities for young people

A water fountain outside the community Pavilion

Wildflower meadow in Iford

Additional bins for dog waste.

More bulbs on verges and greens in the village.

A website for Piddinghoe

We do need faster broadband in Piddinghoe too.

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