Defining a sustainable unit of value to sustain humanity

Defining a sustainable unit of value to sustain humanity

No existing official currency has its value defined by any one or more real goods or services. Official money has become a social construct with no direct feedback from nature if human existence and their natural environment are sustainable. Humans need to follow the practices of social animals that do not rely on markets or hierarchy to govern their sustainability. An index of regional sustainability is required to replace economic value to govern the sustaining of humanity in each bio-region


Economists will fail to be relevant unless they can define economic value on a basis that will sustain humanity of the planet. Economic value has become a social construct not definable by any one or more specific goods or services. According to Lord Stern, climate change has been created by prices that are not relevant to sustaining humanity. Relevancy can be achieved by the Internet of Things automatically establishing a sustainability index to price global bio-regional resource allocations

Not clear how this relates to requirements for teaching in a masters course that takes a pluralist approach to teaching economics. Shann maybe you could redraft to make this clearer. Thanks Henry

Dear Henry Please help me understand how my topic can be made more important for a Masters Course. Are you assuming that my topic should be more widely shared in a undergraduate courses to "sustain humanity on the planet"?

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