Establishing a critical pluralist practice

Establishing a critical pluralist practice

I quote from Freeman/Kliman 2006: Critical Pluralism practically requires from the researcher that he/she (1) engage with, and critically examine, explanations alternative to her own; (2) clearly state the alternative presuppositions which differentiate her own explanation of observed reality from the alternatives considered; (3) clearly identify the evidence in support


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To clarify this point further: For pluralist teaching, this means that the lecturer must clarify his/her point of view/the point of view of the respective school of thought and contrast it to competing views.

The “prime task of an economist, in confronting a variety of theories, is neither to ignore nor defeat rival theories by means of arguments based on ‘logic’ alone, but to bring about an understanding of these theories and their implications, to make both the material origin of these ideas and their practical consequences available, for empirical verification by external agencies” (46).

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