Proposals to Build Back Better

Proposals to Build Back Better

To give young people the opportunity to provide proposals for how we should build back better post pandemic. PLEASE NOTE: you and your team need to be 25 or younger to enter by 31 August 2020. Once submitted proposals are placed in a queue for review and not immediately visible.


ALL for ZERO HUNGER - Join Vitamin UI by Loujaina SK

Veganbond: Promoting Vegan Lifestyle With Meat Substitutes

Talent Accelerate

Youth and women Empowerment to bring change to the economy.


project pisces


involving youth and women in natural resources management

Development of MI's (multiple intelligence)


Travel Together App

Using Technology to Reshape Event Industry after COVID

A new reality is just an idea away...

Humangon: A COVID-19 Response for Micro Enterprises

Mental Health Awareness


" Economic solution to Covid-19 "

Ni-U 0330: Networking Channel for Local Business


Installing food stalls as a small business to revive economy

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